Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

A solution that improves air quality, provide optimal indoor environment, and ensures energy efficiency.

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Benefit from our expertise

In close cooperation with our customers, we design and deliver SeaQ HVAC systems based on their needs.

Our highly skilled engineers is experienced in designing HVAC systems adjusted to the demanding environment and requirements onboard all types of vessels.

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Decades of proven technology installed globally, providing vessels with a highly efficient, and energy-friendly working environment.

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Stable air flow

A pleasant environment throughout the vessel providing passengers and with crew a comfortable indoor climate.

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Maintains a relaxing lounge area with stable air quality, making it possible for passengers and crew to lean back and unwind.

We have the solution that satisfies your vessel's HVAC system needs!

Our energy-efficient SeaQ HVAC system is suitable for all types of vessels and ensures high air quality.

The SeaQ HVAC is built on the same marine automation platform as our previous SeaQ solutions. This gives a safe and reliable solution of high quality, with a familiar HMI interface, and seamless integration into all SeaQ products and solutions.

With modern technology and a broad range of functionality, SeaQ HVAC gives you an effective and future proof solution for your HVAC automation and energy saving needs.

What you get with SeaQ HVAC

Key Benefits

  • Customized solution ensuring optimal energy efficiency.
  • Integrated in SeaQ IAS
  • Can be interfaced with your preferred manufacturer
  • Cabin Control
  • Healthy working environment
  • Reduced energy consumption

Key Features

  • Modern user interface
  • Ring network topology
  • Marine approved HW platform
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Our aim is to satisfy the passenger's expectation for air quality to increase comfort and luxury onboard a vessel

– Vard Electro

SeaQ Smart Cabin

An intuitive room automation solution for enhanced comfort.

HVAC - air handling


We design, build and provide sustainable HVAC-R systems to reduce the vessel's energy consumption while having a comfortable indoor environment.


SeaQ Green Pilot

A cloud-based energy management system that supports your vessel towards sustainable future.


SeaQ Integrated Automation System

SeaQ Integrated Automation System simplifies the daily operations onboard any vessel.


SeaQ Power Management System

An effective and economical control system for the vessel's power generation.