Power Management System

An effective and economical control system for the vessel’s power generation

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SeaQ technology for power optimization

SeaQ Power Management System ensures power is supplied in accordance with the vessel’s operational need and effectively prevents blackout incidents, to maintain safe operation in even the most demanding situation.

The modular and distributed hardware system facilitates all current class requirements and configurations, while still offering a flexible and effective installation.

SeaQ PMS can be delivered as a stand-alone system or be seamlessly integrated with SeaQ IAS and SeaQ ESS.

What you get with SeaQ Power Management System

Key Benefits

  • Reliable power supply for safe operations
  • Highly scalable
  • Efficient installation
  • Integration with SeaQ IAS and SeaQ ESS
  • Facilitates class requirements and configurations

Key Features

  • Black out prevention
  • Asymmetric load sharing
  • Automatic Start/Stop/Priority of DG
  • Heavy Consumer Control
  • Load limitation and Reduction
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SeaQ Energy Storage System

Our energy storage systems is optimized to meet your vessel’s operational requirements.


SeaQ Integrated Automation System

SeaQ Integrated Automation System simplifies the daily operations onboard any vessel.


System Integration

Our core competency lies in selecting the correct components to ensure optimal operations, and to deliver quality solutions addressing our customer's needs.