Integrated Automation System

A solid and reliable partner for your next project

Compliant with the marine industry major class societies, SeaQ IAS is a modern maritime automation system focusing on the user.


An optimized solution to meet your needs

Information is given through a clear and intuitive interface that shields the user from unwanted distractions.

As the solution is based on a modular design and gives a scalable and flexible platform, the system can be customized to most vessel types and sizes, both newbuilds and retrofits.

What you get with SeaQ IAS

Key Benefits

  • Scalable and flexible platform
  • Marine approved HW platform
  • Customizable user interface
  • Suitable for both newbuilds and retrofits
  • Suitable for all types of vessels
  • Highly distributable IO system
  • Easy integration with our SeaQ product family

Key Features

  • Alarm system (I/O)
  • Pump and valve control
  • Cargo Control
  • Auxiliary Machinery Control
  • Extended Alarm System (E0/UMS)
  • Tank Sounding
  • Logging and trending
  • HMI Playback Station
  • Reporting
  • Redundant HMI Servers
  • Multiple redundant main controllers
  • Ring network topology
Power headphoto web

SeaQ Power Management System

An effective and economical control systems for the vessel's power generation.


SeaQ Green Pilot

A cloud-based energy management system that supports your vessel towards sustainable future.


System Integration

Our core competency lies in selecting the correct components to ensure optimal operations, and to deliver quality solutions addressing our customer's needs.