Shore Connection

A turnkey solution that eliminates air and noise pollution at port

SeaQ Shore Connection is carefully designed according to international standards, allowing seamless connection worldwide without a need for vessel customization.

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Zero emission at port

Connecting the vessel to a land-based electrical infrastructure makes it possible to shut down the engines and run solely on shore power at port. This without a need for additional supply of transformers, power electronics, or cables. Vessels using shore connection can achieve zero emission at port, reduced noise, and reduced operational strain on engines and generators. This benefit both the vessel and populated harborside areas.

What you get with SeaQ Shore Connection

Key Benefits

  • A flexible solution that is compliant with international standards
  • Suitable for both low -and high voltage solutions
  • Reduces fuel consumption, operational expenses, and maintenance hours
  • Zero emission and reduced noise at port
  • Beneficial for vessels staying in quay for longer periods. Cable connection process takes between 5-20 minutes
  • Prepared for fully automatic control and monitoring from the vessel power management system

Key Features

  • Safe connection/disconnection
  • Seamless load transfer from generator to shore power
  • Flexible voltage and frequency 440/690V, and 50/60Hz
  • Built according to IEC 80005-3
  • Scalable according to power demand
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SeaQ Switchgear

Advance and modern switchboards specially designed for vessels in the maritime and offshore industry.

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SeaQ Power Management System

An effective and economical control systems for the vessel's power generation.

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System Integration

Complete electrical system packages, including energy and automation technology, diesel-electric propulsion, electrics, and HVAC systems.